Fact: if they were free, I’d get married every year. To the same man, of course. I just love weddings that much. Silly? Maybe. Romantic? A little. But there’s something so undeniably intoxicating about weddings! Celebrating your true love surrounded by the people that mean the most to you, the dancing, the good food – I just can’t get enough.

If this is your first experience planning a wedding, I am SO excited for you! Wedding planning can be so much fun! As a glimpse into planning with me I’ll tell you I’ve been everywhere from London to Algonquin Park and everywhere in between so I will surely travel for your wedding, I’m a sucker for an engagement story, I’ve sewn three girls into their dresses, I can pin any boutonniere with my eyes closed in two seconds flat, and my ultimate goal at every wedding is to make sure you are happy. Even if that means getting on the dance floor with you! Which would be a disaster. Because I’m a terrible dancer. Just awful.

I know you have unlimited options when it comes to choosing a wedding photographer. It means so much that you have considered me to document this glorious day for you both. I can’t wait to get to know you better!